Need for Speed

If you're looking to go fast, Kansas City offers speeding thrills in many ways:

Richard Petty Ride Along

The Kansas Speedway offers you the perfect opportunity to satisfy your need for speed and experience what it’s like to be a NASCAR driver. For three thrilling laps, you’ll ride shotgun in a real NASCAR race car as a professional instructor drives. Hold on tight and prepare to the ride of your life at the Richard Petty Ride Along!

Worlds of Fun

The thrilling rides at Worlds of Fun are designed for one thing – FUN. Classics like Cyclone Sam’s and Bamboozler take riders on a spin like no other, while Fury of the Nile makes an unforgettable splash. Detonator rockets riders straight to the sky, while Boomerang shoots backwards and forwards all in one trip. SteelHawk takes flight at 301’ above the skyline with views for miles around. And, no trip is complete without a ride on Patriot and MAMBA, the top rides on everyone’s list.

KC Watersports

No boat? No problem! Head out to KC Watersports and ride the cable! Experience the thrill and excitement that the cableway offers. The cable system tows up to 6 wakeboarders, skiers, or kneeboarders at the same time without the use of a boat. All skill levels are encouraged to head out to KCW this summer and enjoy a fun day of water sports! Whether you’re an advanced rider or a beginner, head out to Cable Lake today to show off your skills and enjoy the water!