Planes, Trains, & Boats

Airline History Museum

When you walk through the museum you are instantly in a different time period, one where transportation through the air was valued more. This museum has a collection of photos, artifacts, printed material and displays that will help you experience what airplanes used to be. While you’re here, you can view many airplanes, including two that are in flying condition!

Model Train Gallery

What does 8,000 square feet of toy trains look like? Come and see Union Station Kansas City's Model Train Exhibit and find out! From tiny N-scale model trains to the big G-scale giants of the model train world, sample the hobby and enjoy the fun of model railroading. The Model Train Exhibit is FREE for all Union Station visitors!

Steamboat Arabia

The collection is a work in progress as preservationists continue to clean 60 more tons of artifacts in a preservation lab that’s available for visitors to watch. Come and see what they are working on today. More artifacts are added to the displays on an ongoing basis, and the entire museum was cleaned and renovated in early 2013. Whether it’s your first visit to this favorite Kansas City attraction or you come in every year, the Treasures of the Steamboat Arabia will connect you to American history in a new and exciting way.

TWA Museum

From the birth of airmail to the inception of passenger air travel, to the post-WWII era of global route expansion, TWA led the way for 75 years. TWA memorabilia, cockpit simulator panels, a flight simulator, and more!