Hands On

LegoLand Discovery Center

Step inside LEGOLAND Discovery Center and you'll feel as though you've just jumped in to the world's biggest box of LEGO bricks! With over 2 million LEGO bricks under one roof, you'll discover a fun, interactive and educational experience for children aged 3-10 years and the perfect attraction for LEGO fans young and old to enjoy together as a family.

Science City

Science City is a place of wonder, where kids and adults can find something new with each visit. Throw the don't touch mindset out the window. There are no tests and no wrong or right answers, just a chance to explore with freedom and pure imagination. From the Dino Lab to a motel with 21 different illusions to the sky bike and simple machines, Science City disguises STEM learning as pure playtime fun.

Wonderscope Children’s Museum

With fun, dynamic exhibits and programs that integrate the arts, sciences and literature for children eight and younger, Wonderscope Children’s Museum in Shawnee, Kansas aims to spark a lifelong love of learning through the power of play. From the Wonder Why Garden to the TinkerSpace, water tables to the raceway, Wonderscope invites kids to explore and experiment in a hands-on, high energy learning environment.

The College Basketball Experience

This is the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. Here, two floors of fun await every basketball fan. Slam dunk, challenge others to a full court press, or broadcast live from our ESPN-U desk. This is NOT a museum. You are going to jump, stretch and shoot the ball at the official hall of fame for men's college basketball. You can stay and play all day among two floors of interactive exhibits.

Museum of Illusions

Be brave enough to jump in an illusion created by the Vortex Tunnel! It will make you believe you’re struggling just to make a step forward through a rotating cylinder – on a surface so stable and flat! See yourself on the ceiling of the room, let yourself free in an Infinity room, resist the laws of gravity and size ratio. Enjoy our collection of holograms, look closer at every optical illusion. They are such a brilliant, playful reminder that our assumptions about the world we perceive are often, nothing but a specter of illusions.

Parkville Artisans' Studio

Parkville Artisans' Studio offers hand-building and pottery wheel sessions and classes as well as painting classes and various craft programs for kids and adults. Learn, discover, and explore in the heart of Parkville.